Wednesday, May 27, 2009

It's Not A Swing - It's A Centrifuge!

Our now three-week-old baby has had two blow-outs over the weekend. Both were in his swing. It's the one from the Fisher Price Precious Planet collection. It looks harmless, but evidently the action of the swinging gives a little extra impetus to the poops. At least it does for our kid.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

One Lucky Shot

We were out for a walk Thursday afternoon. While waiting to cross the street I decided to take a shot of the Don't Walk sign against the backdrop of the tree. (There's a Complementary Colors themed competition at the Online Professional Visual Artists forum and I thought the red and green might work.)

As I pressed the shutter release I could see the "Don't Walk" part of the sign lit. The mirror flipped up for the shot, blocking my view, and when it flipped back down the "Walk" part was lit.

Curious, I took a look at the recorded image. What you see here is what I saw (with a little rotation and white balance adjustment.) Both parts of the sign were lit. The exposure was just 1/125 second. That was some close timing.

Of course I had to run with this for the competition. I cropped the image down to the sign and post. Since the green part of the sign was faded with age to the point of being basically pink, I recolored that part to a nice green. Will it win, place, or show? Who knows? I have other entries in, as do many very talented artists.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

My Photography - Bookstore Conversation

I haven't posted any of my photography lately. I've been considering creating a separate blog dedicated to it, but haven't really had the time so I guess I'll toss in this latest one.

We were on our usual walk around town and stopped into this used book store. It has a lot of character and I love taking pictures there.

I was on a raised area toward the read of the store and was taking a shot of the stairs. Then I noticed the conversation going on among the folks at the front desk and shifted the shot to include them. I think it better captures the atmosphere of the place.

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